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Unlock your earning potential by joining the Scenarius affiliate program and start monetizing your network.

How it Works?

It's as simple as sharing your unique promo code and spreading the word about Scenarius to your network. Whether you're a community leader, influencer, or simply passionate about our platform, you can earn lucrative commissions by introducing others to the benefits of Scenarius. Highlight the value proposition of Scenarius, emphasizing how it enhances social and intimate relationships, and share your personal experience to amplify your message.

Three Easy Steps


Create Account

  • Register as our User
  • Buy a Scenarius Lifetime Membership


Become Affiliate

  • Join our unique Affiliate program
  • Create Your Stripe Account


Earn Commission

  • Share Your Coupon


Commission from each Sale!

A Unique opportunity to change your life.

Once someone you've referred purchases a lifetime membership,
you'll earn a generous 50% commission straight into your Stripe account.
There's no limit to how many times your promo code can be used, meaning the more people you reach and convert into users, the more commissions you'll earn.

Your Referrals get 🏷️50% Discount as well.🤟

Let's Break it Down 🤔

For every new user who purchases a membership using your promo code, you get a commission. For example, if a user, who buys a membership for 20€ using your coupon code, you'll receive a 10€ commission.
If your Coupon code is applied 1,000 times, that's 10,000€ in profit for you.
It's that simple!

How to setup Affiliate?

Check the Guide ⟶

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