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  • How to increase your Chance of Orgasm during Sex

    If you’ve got a penis, you have a lot of sensitive nerve endings along the shaft, concentrated in the head, and covering the testicles and perineum. Almost all of these areas get stimulated by penetrated sex – and stimulated very well.
  • How to Give a Blowjob

    The Internet is unhinged with blowjob tips, but I like to keep things pretty simple. The following tips will help you feel more confident going down, and more importantly they’ll maximize your pleasure as the giver. Let’s get started.
  • How to hand play Like a Pro

    Exploring the area around the vaginal opening. You can brush your fingers along their labia, gently rub their clitoris, all while listening for the telltale sounds of pleasure.
  • How to Squirt (For Real)

    What we can definitely say is that female ejaculation and squirting are real sexual phenomena – it’s not pee. So let’s talk about how to experience it for yourself.
  • How to Give a Prostate Massage

    No matter your sexual orientation, prostate massage feels absolutely amazing during partnered sex or solo play. Just ask someone who’s had a prostate Orgasm.
  • How to Use a Penis Pump

    In my opinion, penis pumps are hugely underrated. Maybe they’re misunderstood, but when used safely, penis pumps can be excellent sexual wellness tools.

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